PALLIUM LATINOAMERICA is a non profit association located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, devoted to the care of patients who suffer for terminal cancer.

Work is developed in three main axis:

•         Education throughout a postgraduate training programme for doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, priests and other health team members, also education at undergraduate and community level 

•         Clinical research in Palliative Medicine: symptom control, ethics and psychosocial matters 

•         Palliative Home Care and Day Centre Programme (address: Bonpland 2287, Buenos Aires) . 

Since 1999, Pallium takes part as invited NGO at the Advice Committee of Palliative Care created by the National Health Ministry in Argentina (Resolution Ner. 221/99) in order to make the regulations for the organization and implementation of Palliative Care Programmes which were finally approved in 2001 (Resol. Ner. 934/01); at the moment this task group works on General Guides on the matter. Pallium members are part of the teaching staff of the Postgraduate School of Medicine, Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires) and they are Professors at the Superior Career of Medical Oncology, which curricula has been changed and now includes Palliative Medicine as one of the key subjects of the training. Other university links with School of Nurses (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and School of Medicine (Universidad del Salvador) were established at the pregraduated level.

 At an advanced phase of consolidation, new trained members joint the team to meet the need of increasing demands on clinical work, education and research. Thanks to the financial support from the Argentinean Association of Knights of Malta, it was created the Hostal de Malta Palliative Care Programme in April 2001, which includes the first Day Centre in the region.

 More than 1200 health care members from different disciplines have finished and approved Pallium courses on Palliative Care and Medical Humanities, and most of them work on this field in more than 20 cities from all South American countries.

Pallium Latinoamérica. Ciencia, alivio y esperanza en el final de la vida.