LCP in Argentina: Time to Build the Bases to Make a Difference


Tripodoro V.A.1, Berenguer C.2, von Petery G.1, Junin M.3, de Simone G.1

(1)Pallium Latinoamerica, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (2) Instituto Alfredo Lanari, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (3) Hospital Carlos B Udaondo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is a large South American country positioned at Level 4 (approaching integration) in the global map of PC development. However, palliative care (PC) services are still quite unable to reach the vast majority of patients who might benefit from them. Problems in the healthcare system may be attributed to: fragmentation of the system; inequalities in healthcare provision; inadequate legal framework and policies for the provision of drugs. Clearly, there is an enormous need to facilitate PC research and teaching activities. In our NGO we are devoted to the relief and prevention of end of life suffering in Argentina and other Latin American countries. The most important factor driving our mission is the existence of a large population of patients dying with unrelieved suffering. Our aim is to optimize research and education for the care of patients in the last days of life.

The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) will be a guide for us to focus on the care of the dying, providing high quality end of life practice. Excellence in care provision is based, not only on its institutional framework but also on its cultural context.

The purpose of this presentation is to show the process we started at two teaching hospitals and the NGO Home PC Program. After a retrospective base review audit (n 60) to establish our current status on the documentation of care, we translated and adapted the LCP to our environment. We realized the lack of the best practices in almost 65% of the goals of excellence from de LCP. These outcomes showed us that the LCP should reinforce the education programs for care of the dying and should be incorporated within the culture of the organization. We started working in a pilot implementation called PAMPA. Our challenge consists on the use of the LCP in our clinical setting, our language and our cultural context. This requires continuous insight, critical decision making and clinical skills.


Pallium Latinoamérica. Ciencia, alivio y esperanza en el final de la vida.